Rewards Chart Frames

Rewards Charts + Learning Words + Maths Frames

We all know how hard it is to get our children to clean their rooms and pick up dirty washing and brush their teeth....

We have a great solution. Their very own framed rewards chart. Simply open the front of their Brilliant Frame and add stickers to their charts.

Do a little task - choose a sticker

Children just love being rewarded.

With a Brilliant Frame they can simply open the front of their Brilliant Frame and place a sticker on their task.

Did you know our Frames have acrylic front. NO GLASS.  This means your little ones can use them safetly without fear of breaking the front.

Allow your little one to place the sticker next to their completed task

They will feel so special adding a sticker to the task everyday. 

And who knows they may even have a clean bedroom as a result.


So proud !!

Being so beautifully framed the will feel super proud and be able to see their rewards chart fill up fast.

Its not just reward charts that kids love to see framed

Kids are so good at learning what they see regularly.

Using the Brilliant Frames they can showcase their school certificates, times tables,

sightwords or use the whiteboard markers to write their weekly spelling words.

After 15 yrs in the custom picture framing and photography industry we have designed these unique and gorgeous products with you in mind. Our unique picture frame concept means it is easy for you to have a beautiful wall display showcasing artworks, certificates, photos, medals, memorabilia, vision boards or just a wonderful way to write and store your to-do list , menu plans or favorite recipes. We live right near the great barrier reef so we designed these frames and have had them made using sustainable recycled materials.

No tree has been harmed in the making of our frames.

You matter and the environment matters.