The Art and Craft Display Cabinet Frame

"These Brilliant Frames are a game changer"

Anne Sault *****

With Brilliant Frames it is now so easy to display your kids artwork and craft.  Change the art often with this clever cabinet design.  Make your little ones feel super proud having their artwork on display. 

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The only picture frame you will ever need

'Such a great looking product'


Susan Jones recommends Brilliant Frames & Co.

I purchased 3 Brilliant Frames and have been impressed the whole way. Easy payment and love that you have after pay, quick delivery and such a great looking product. It's user friendly and the kids find it super easy to use. Mr 2 is now bringing home his artwork and I love being able to display it in such a nice way. Thanks for this great product.



We are beyond excited to be announced GOLD WINNER for PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD for 2020.  Brilliant Frames are the first ever front opening picture frame with magnetic whiteboard inside.  Designed by Mum (Liz) with your family in mind.

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So many ways to use your Brilliant Frames

Art displays, Vision boards, photo frames, collage frames, medal displays, rewards charts the possibilities with these frames are endless

The only picture frame you will ever need


After 15 yrs in the custom picture framing and photography industry we have designed these unique and gorgeous products with you in mind.  Our unique picture frame concept means it is easy for you to have a beautiful wall display showcasing artworks, certificates, photos, medals, memorabilia, vision boards or just a wonderful way to write and store your to-do list , menu plans or favorite recipes.  We live right near the Great Barrier Reef so we designed these frames and have had them made using sustainable recycled materials. 

No tree has been harmed in the making of our frames. 

You matter and the environment matters. 

Rewards Charts

Rewards Charts

Brilliant Frames and Co love using rewards charts. 

Using rewards charts in your home can remove so much daily stress and allow our children to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions.  It is a great way for children to learn their daily routine.  Rewards charts and stickers promote positive behavior

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