Rewards Charts

Rewards Charts

REWARDS CHART - from one Mum's perspective

I am not the first mum to say that what works for one child may not work for another.  I have three children and all of them are so different especially when it comes to parenting them, but one consistent parenting tool I have used is rewards and sticker charts.

The rewards chart has varied as they have grown but the concept is still the same. 

Do your chore and get a little reward.  

rewards chart brilliant frames and co

What reward chart works best

Well for our house and our children I found the morning routine was always the battle.  Sometimes, I think it was just because they weren't even awake yet which is why the rewards chart, or reminder chart, worked so well. 

For other households it might be the afternoon or evening routine or a whole days worth of chores that you want to have on the rewards chart. 

The chores are up to you and your family and there is no right or wrong way. 

Of course some chores suit different ages but I am pretty sure you know what your children can and can't do.

rewards chart brilliant frames and co

What should the reward be

Well that is of course totally up to you as a parent however for us when the children were younger stickers were always a great success.  A pack of cheap stickers that the kids could add to their rewards chart on their own when the task had been completed worked fantastic. 

Once the week was complete and the chart was filled, or mostly filled, we would have an end of week big reward like a trip to the park and ice cream out or something that we knew they would love.

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Do rewards charts work for older children

Well I am so glad you asked !

Of course they do, its just that the chores are different and so are the rewards.

My 8, 10 and 12 year olds are no longer encouraged by the sweetness of little stickers (well maybe a little for my 8 yr old) but they certainly love doing their chores to get the daily WIFI password.

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How can I use a Brilliant Frame for Rewards Charts

That is the absolute best thing about our Brilliant Frames. 

You can print out a Rewards Chart for stickers (see download below) or you can use the magnetic whiteboard and write out the daily tasks. 

The Brilliant Frames looks lovely in your home and are such a practical solution to displaying your rewards chart or writing out tasks.

magnetic whiteboard to write daily tasks



I have also included a blank REWARDS chart in this download for you to add your own chores.

Make sure you show up on our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM page and let us know how the rewards chart works in your home.

Good luck !

And don't forget to tell me how it goes.

Till next time

Liz xo





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