Medals and Awards Frames

Medals - Achievements - Awards

Do you have superstars in your home? Or loving memories of Veterans. 

There are so many wonderful achievements in life to celebrate and remember.

Brilliant Frames & Co help you do that by using magnets in our front opening DIY picture frames to secure in your medals, achievements and awards.

Your superstar deserves their achievements framed

Using magnets simply open the front of your Brilliant Frame and secure in medals and photos.

We have left a small gap at the top so you can feed the ribbons through and out the back.  This means you don't have to cut off the ribbons or damage your precious medals.

Hang the ribbons through and out the back

The ribbons can hang out the back and when you hang the frame on the wall you won't even see them.


Framed to perfection

The frame is so easy to update you can change it as often as your superstar wins their next medal.

DIY Picture Frame

Of course you will probably need more than 1 Frame

With all these superstars getting around it is probably likely you will need more than one frame.

We would suggest one for each child !

After 15 yrs in the custom picture framing and photography industry we have designed these unique and gorgeous products with you in mind. Our unique picture frame concept means it is easy for you to have a beautiful wall display showcasing artworks, certificates, photos, medals, memorabilia, vision boards or just a wonderful way to write and store your to-do list , menu plans or favorite recipes. We live right near the great barrier reef so we designed these frames and have had them made using sustainable recycled materials.

No tree has been harmed in the making of our frames.

You matter and the environment matters.