Kids Art Display Frames - Brilliant Frames

Front Opening Picture Frame + Magnetic Whiteboard

Brilliant Frame Art Display Frames

Step 1. Create the most amazing artwork

Allow your kids to draw a masterpiece.

The window cutout for our frames are standard A4 size and standard A3 size.  Perfect for your kids to draw on art paper or folder paper.

Step 2. Open the front of the Brilliant Frame and use magnets to secure your art.

Simply open the front of your frame.  No need to take it off the wall.

By using magnets you're not restricted to the size or shape of your artwork.  Anything that fits in the back can be stored and displayed in your Brilliant Frames. 

Step 3. Marvel in your amazing Art wall and feel super proud.

Close the door of your Brilliant Frame and there you have it.  The most wonderful framed Art in seconds.  Change it as often as you like.

But wait... you have no paper or art to display ?

No worries, we have thought of that too. Simply open the front and use whiteboard markers to draw a fantastic picture


'My daughter adores her Brilliant Frames and Co frame! Every day when she gets home from day care she changes the painting/drawing inside to her latest piece of art. She is so proud and it has made her so confident in her art. Thank you for creating such a great product which has created such a beautiful memory for our little family!!!' xxx

Mum of 2

Brilliant Frames & Co

After 15 yrs in the custom picture framing and photography industry we have designed these unique and gorgeous products with you in mind. Our unique picture frame concept means it is easy for you to have a beautiful wall display showcasing artworks, certificates, photos, medals, memorabilia, vision boards or just a wonderful way to write and store your to-do list , menu plans or favorite recipes. We live right near the great barrier reef so we designed these frames and have had them made using sustainable recycled materials.

No tree has been harmed in the making of our frames.

You matter and the environment matters.