How to Create a Vision Board

How to Create a Vision Board

For many years people have long believed that if you create a Vision Board or Dream Board you are more likely to achieve your dreams.

According to Wikipedia  - ‘A dream board or vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, and to use the law of attraction to attain goals’

And I have to agree that I love having a Vision Board right above my desk in my home office to remind me every day of the ultimate goals I am working towards.  And to keep me inspired and motivated.

I am no expert in all things vision boards but I have had some pretty great things happen in my life so here are my quick tips to making a wonderful Vision Board.

  1. Take time to gather images, quotes and words you love to create a vision board

We are so lucky to live in the world of the internet and all the creative images and inspiration it provides. 

I always start my search for images using Google Images and Pinterest.

Both are so easy to use.  Just pop you’re thought, for example, tropical getaways or happiness quotes into the search engine press enter and so many brilliant images and quotes will appear. 

I like to right click on the ones I like and save them to a folder on my desktop or create my own Pinterest board to save them to.  Having a Vision Pinterest board can be equally as good as having it in a frame on your wall because if you save that Pinterest board to your phone you can  look at it often.

Vision Board Brilliant Frames and co 2

Another great way to get images and words is to cut them out of magazines, news papers and even pamphlets that get dropped in your mailbox.


  1. Print or cut out the images you love. 

 You can print your images and quotes on a normal desktop printer. No need to get all fancy.

Print out everything you love or go ahead and cut out all the magazine pictures and newspaper clippings.

No need to exclude anything yet, but by now you should be seeing a pattern in the things you really love and are dreaming for.

Vision Board Brilliant Frames and co 3


  1. Lay out all your images and quotes on a flat surface

You will quickly see which images you love and a color scheme unfolding and if you have duplicated the same theme. 

I like to be very balanced and simple in my design so I set mine out to have no overlapping images and not have too many of the same image or quote. 

Vision Board Brilliant Frames and co 4

  1. Start to build your Vision Board

The most perfect solution to build your Vision Board is a Brilliant Frame.  It simply opens at the front and has a magnetic whiteboard inside it.  This means you can put your images in with beautiful magnets and move them around and then hand write any other words or quotes that you would like to see daily.  I always hand write LOVE, LAUGH, FAMILY, HAPPY.  As they are my favourite family words.  

The best thing about creating a Vision board in this Brilliant Frame is that throughout the year you can easily add to it.  You might have a new photo or quote to add and you can simply open the front and add it.  So simple for us busy people

 Vision Board Brilliant Frames and co 5

Vision Board Brilliant Frames and co 6

  1. Hang and Display your Vision Board

There is honestly no point creating a vision board if you are not going to look at it.  For a vision board to work and have impact in your life you need to look at it daily.  For me it means hanging it above my home office work desk or standing it on a display easel on my desk but for you it might be hanging it in your kitchen, living room or even bedroom.

Vision Board Brilliant Frames and co 6

Now off you go and create your own Vision Board or Dream Board so that you can feel inspired and live every day to its full potential.
Always remember 


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Happy Dreaming and Vision boarding xo
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